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Quality Control and Maintenance

Vanguard Homes understands the large investment clients are taking when it comes to Building a New Home, that’s why Quality will always come before quantity when building with Vanguard

All Vanguard’s tradesman have been working with our team right from the beginning, so you will always be assured that the same high quality that we offer one home stretches threw to the next 20 homes.

Our builder ensures each site is inspected daily, ensuring the quality is not only in workman ship & finishes but in the Structural build of your home.

As of 1 January 2013, changes were made to Insurances and Structural Guarantee within the Northern Territory now run through Master Builders Fidelity Insurance Fund, which offers a 6 Year Structural Guarantee.


Vanguard Homes are committed to continuing our service to you even after the construction process has finished ensuring the process is smooth and pleasant We will provide you with a maintenance service for the first 12 months from handover

*Conditions Apply