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Inhouse Design Team

Vanguard In-house Drafter

Vanguard offers an in-house draftsman’s which allows changes to our design portfolio along with custom designing new homes, quickly, easy and cost effectively.

Our Drafter works closely with our Sales Team, enabling us to accommodate to clients individual needs and budget, giving clients a faster turnaround, allowing you to have changes made prior to signing Build Contracts.

Vanguard Interior Design

As Vanguard has been building homes since 2008 we understand that choosing the right colours  to your new home can at times be daunting, we have trained consultants on hand to personally guide you through the colour selection process and provide advice throughout the selections.

Colour Selections process is where we shall run threw all your interior and exterior colours, Tiles, door hardware, fittings and cabinetry colours.

One of the most exciting aspects of building your own home is choosing your colours to reflect your families style and personalities. During your colour selection we also take time in going thru your Electrical inclusions (which were part of your schedule of finishes) where we mark out your floor plan proposed locations throughout your home on all power fittings.

Here are some handy tips to assist you when preparing for your initial consultation appointment: