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YES, Absolutely!  - Vanguard Homes is highly respected for Building our display homes as a “what you see is what you get “approach. Finishes can be changed if required should you have a higher or lower budget in mind. Our display homes are built based on our schedule of finishes, all product fittings and finishes that you see to our display homes are your standard finishes.

Most certainly, you are welcome to attend your site regularly this is an exciting time for your family and we encourage you to attend and take photos, please do however consider OH & S Safety when visiting ensuring footwear is worn at all times.

This is something we do! If you are unsure of your contours to your chosen block of land, bring these in and we can have someone take a look at these for you; this can also be done prior to purchasing land if you’re unsure.

YES – All standard home designs can be modified to suit your individual requirements or budget Speak with your Sales consultant for more information on this.

Most certainly, Vanguard Homes understands different religions may require particular customs both to the design and when commences construction, speak with our sales consultant to ensure this is catered for.

Building Contracts are valid for 6 months from signing, which allows time to arrange finance and titles/settlement to take place.

There are 3 stages to the approval process; depending on your land location Design guideline approval firstly needs to be carried out, followed by Structural Engineering of your drawings, and lastly Certification process of a Permit to Build. Your sales consultant will be in regular contact with you with updates.

YES most definitely, you will receive notification from the team once we reach practical completion enabling a walk through to be carried out onsite with the home owners and foreman to ensure all aspects of your home are to satisfaction.

YES – All contracts signed are fixed pricing; based on the above time frame validation of 6 months.

YES, most certainly – in fact the owner of Vanguard Homes is the foreman overseeing each and every home built.

. The construction deposit is required to start the approval process and includes:

  • Architectural Design drawings
  • Structural Engineering
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment
  • Covenants Approval
  • Construction Insurances
  • Soil Testing and clarification report
  • Building Certification permits

If this was to occur, clients would be notified immediately, however costs associated with the removal of rock are unknown until rock removal has been completed.

This is an important question, always ensure when choosing the right company for your new home that they have the correct insurances in place to carry out your building.

Vanguard Homes ensures a copy of all insurances are provided to clients when permits are issued this includes – construction insurance - Fidelity fund insurance by MBA – Public liability insurance

Australian Standard is to have homes achieve a 5 star energy rating, at Vanguard Homes ALL of our homes receive a minimum of 6 star energy rating.

A soil report also known as “Soil test or Site Classification” is a test Vanguard has carried out prior to commencement, testing the soil which enables our engineers an appropriate footing system for your home.

Progress invoices are setup on a stage by stage process and are invoiced at the completion of each stage.

Vanguard Homes has built homes all around the Darwin / Palmerston & Rural areas. If you are unsure please speak with your sales consultant.

Vanguard Homes holds an exceptional rapoire with our contractors and suppliers, all of which have been working alongside Vanguard Homes since the commencement, we pride ourselves on this loyalty that quality always comes first.

Vanguard Homes is open 7 days a week, to ensure no matter your availability, we are here to assist you.

Our office is open Monday to Friday located at 2/9 Aristos place, Winnellie.

Display homes are open Friday to Sunday (please see display home locations).